We just found out when Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ is officially ending

Well, this was out of nowhere. Or, maybe I was the only one who couldn’t imagine that HBO’s Girls would ever end. Any whispers of its conclusion were swiftly brushed off, but the news can’t be ignored any longer. Variety reports that Lena Dunham’s Girls will officially be ending after season six.

We should have seen this coming. After season four’s finale, co-creator Jenni Konner told The Hollywood Reporter that she didn’t envision the series lasting for many more seasons:

In fact, Dunham herself has known for a while that she didn’t want this to be a long-running series.“I think America has a tendency to push shows past their due dates,” she told Variety last year. “I like the British model – in and out.”

Luckily, a season six finale means we have two more years of Hannah Horvath’s adventures before the show closes its doors. That’s plenty of time for our favorite hapless character to get into even more hilarious trouble.

(Image via HBO)

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