Lena Dunham and “Girls” producer Jenni Konner are ALREADY back to work on another HBO series

Following the recent, heartbreaking end to HBO’s Girls, we’re thrilled to find out that there won’t be a Lena Dunham shaped hole in our life for much longer. Lena Dunham and her producing partner from Girls, Jenni Konner, were asked about their upcoming plans by Variety and although they couldn’t reveal details, they did say that they’re very excited and very busy, ahem. Lena Dunham even went so far as to say that we’ll be seeing more from them on HBO in the next year or so, but that they’re going to get started sooner than that.

The television development process is a difficult, nebulous beast that can take literal years to see something from conception to screen, but we have faith that Dunham and Konner will be back soon since they’re no rookies to the process.

Although we’re not entirely sure what the deal is, there was an announcement a couple of years ago about Lena Dunham doing a “feminist Mad Men” pilot for HBO. It’s hard to say whether that’s what Konner and Dunham are referring to. On one hand, HBO is pretty notorious for batting shows around in development for a crazy long time before actually deciding to go through with them, so they very well could’ve done this pilot two years ago and only now, post-Girls decided to move forward with it.

They also could just be referring to an entirely new project! Clearly, though, Lena Dunham and HBO’s relationship remains strong post-Girls, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next — hopefully, something in which Lena Dunham uses what she’s learned from critique toward Girls to create a feminist and, most importantly, intersectional show that we all deserve.

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