Sorry ‘Girls’ fans: Lena Dunham says the show should end after season 6

The long-term future of HBO’s Girls has been up in the air for a while now. Though we knew for sure we were getting a Season 5 (January, fangirls, get psyched!) we didn’t know what was coming AFTER that.

Well, now we do. Well, kind of. As the International Business Times reports, creator/star Lena Dunham went on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today to discuss wrapping up the show with Season 6.

“Never say never, but that is the way that we’re thinking about it right now and we’re starting to think about sort of how to wrap up the storylines of these particular young women,” she said. “I started working on this show when I was 23, and now I’m going to be 30, so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world!”

This isn’t the first time Dunham has talked about Girls wrapping in the near future In an interview with Variety this spring, Dunham brought up the possibility of ending the series after season six, saying “I think America has a tendency to push shows past their due dates. I like the British model — in and out.”

For Girls fanatics, never fear, Dunham has big reunion plans for the cast.

“I have fantasies of us all coming back when we’re 40,” Dunham told Variety. “We’d want to wait long enough for something to have really gone down.”

Much like J.K. Rowling with the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dunham has her character Hannah Horvath’s final moment all planned out in advance.

“Will she be with anyone? That’s the question,” Dunham said on Elvis Duran. “And how important is it ending up with someone, and is that the marker of success for a woman?”

As the International Business Times points out, a sixth season hasn’t been green lit yet, so this is all just pure speculation. Still, considering that Girls is one of HBO’s most talked about properties, it would be a shock if the network didn’t give the Girls team the final season they need to wrap up everyone’s storylines.

So, it sounds like we’re getting two more seasons, which is great, so we’ll be grateful for all the Girls goodness that is yet to come.


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