Lena Dunham’s words on why she’s standing up for women who voted for Trump are important for all of us

Though her feminism has never been “perfect” (really, whose is?) we’ve got to hand it to Girls auteur Lena Dunham for the thoughts on the topic she shared Thursday night at her beloved series’ final premiere.

When asked by People about a comment she’d made the day before — about how she wants women who dislike her show and its message, women who voted for Donald Trump, to know that she’s fighting for them — Dunham clarified further, revealing why reaching across the aisle and just caring about other human beings, period, is her number one concern.

“We are still fighting for you as a group,” the 30-year-old began.

I think it’s really important that even though we live in a culture where obviously so many of us are so disappointed that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump, I think you have to keep voting for the rights of people, no matter if you agree or disagree with them."

“To me, a huge part of feminism is that even if those women don’t share our values, we’re still for them and we’re still fighting for a country where they’re safe,” Dunham concluded.

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