Lena Dunham has a rad message for those who publicly shamed her outfit

Over the weekend, Lena Dunham rocked a gorgeous, patterned Mara Hoffman jumpsuit, make-up free face, and messy bun. And we know this because Dunham uploaded a photo of said outfit to Instagram — a photo she actually saw first on The Daily Mail. Instead of praising Dunham for her style, the site tore it apart, writing “Lena Dunham has worn some gorgeous outfits on many an occasion – but Saturday’s look was not one of her best,” and calling her jumpsuit an “eye-sorer one piece” and “very laid back approach to her appearance.”

Instead of calling out The Daily Mail for their awfully rude description, she did something better. Dunham reposted the photo to Instagram with a body-positive caption. “What the Daily Mail calls an eyesore I call a damn dream, @marahoffman. This onesie takes me from @tracyandersonmethod to brunch to fetal position and I couldn’t feel more heroic. Was literally psyched about the paparazzi photo so I would have evidence of it. #thanksforthehelpcreepyguyintruckerhat #OnesieNation,” the writer/actress wrote.

First of all, we just have to say that we love how she used the word “heroic.” It just goes to show that if wearing something makes you feel confident and a great version of yourself, then that’s what actually matters. As long as you feel self-assured and beautiful in your skin (or jumpsuit), it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Dunham’s Instagram also made us pause and question why it’s acceptable in our culture to bully women about their clothing choices. Her smart response serves as a perfect reminder why it’s not OK to police women (and men!) about the way they want to present themselves, or shame them for their fashion choices.

This isn’t the first time Dunham has made a body-positive statement over Instagram. This past July, she Instagrammed a paparazzi pic of her exercising in jogging clothes. “Not usually one to post a paparazzi shot but this fills me with pride. Basically my whole life I have hated running and run like wounded baby Pterodactyl. …It’s a true joy to continue getting more connected to my body and its powers.” It’s so refreshing to see the shift in how we view our bodies —praising them for their strength instead of tearing them down for their flaws is a beautiful thing we want to see even more of.

For many, personal style is a form of self-expression as well as an extension of one’s own personality —and no one can take that away from anyone. Let this be a lesson for not just The Daily Mail, but any media in general that tears a human person down for expressing themselves the way they want to express themselves.

Oh, and for the record, we are totally on board with #OnesieNation.

[Images via Instagram]

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