Lena Dunham tells cringeworthy tale of injuring herself during a “Girls” sex scene

Girls just filmed its last episode of all time. Its final season will begin airing in January. The show has become known for its raw humor, audacious portrayal of the pit falls of being a 20-something, as well as for its explicit and unfiltered sex scenes.

Lena Dunham appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers (wearing a rad HRC t-shirt) and discussed those defining scenes. Saying they’re shot “unvarnished,” she tells the audience, “they’re definitely not meant to arouse you.” At which point Seth mentions how refreshing it was that the series showed that sex is not always a beautiful act. Lena’s response: Never.

“Have you ever had fun having sex?” she asks Seth.

Let’s pause on that question. We sincerely hope the answer for everyone is yes. If not, there’s something very, very wrong.

But then, she goes into a hilarious story about getting injured during her final sex scene for Girls, and we’re successfully distracted.

“I’m fairly accident prone,” Lena says. During a sex scene, she felt compelled to overstate her physical abilities to her scene partner, when he became concerned that the position she’d written the characters into might be too difficult.

“I’m so flexible, you can’t hurt me,” she assured him.

“The next morning I woke up and something was very wrong.”

The position was what she calls “Wheelbarrow,” in which she was lying face down on the bed with her legs raised up behind her.

Your imagination can do the rest, but just know that her physical therapist’s first comment was, “wow, your hips are really out of joint.”

Of course she didn’t tell him right away how they’d gotten that way (we don’t think we could have either). But she’s all better now, and luckily not shy at all about telling the entire world which you can watch HERE.

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