The Lena Dunham Advice Videos You Should Totally Watch Now

Lena Dunham has a new series of advice videos on YouTube and they are everything you want them to be and more. Set in her “office” (a hand-drawn black and white backdrop that boasts a host of degrees on the wall and a stellar view of the NYC skyline), Dunham sits at her desk, decked out with all the essentials: an old-timey telephone, a bottle of unopened champagne, and prescription drugs. With the help of her Instagram-famous dog Lamby, she then doles out advice via the telephone.

The webisodes, which range in length from 45 seconds to 2 minutes, make their intent perfectly clear: This is a cheeky and inventive marketing campaign to promote Dunham’s memoir Not That Kind Of Girl, which hits bookstores a week from now, on September 30th.

Dunham is as funny as she is insightful in these vids, giving advice on subjects that are going to receive a fair amount of coverage in her memoir: how to define feminism for oneself, dealing with body image shenanigans, coping with mental health issues, bullies, bad sex, and fear of death. The advice is great and the quotes pull out quite nicely (“You have to love yourself to love someone who is going to love you” is probably my favorite notable quotable of the bunch). As a bonus, Dunham, with her platinum bob, smoking-hot smoky eye, and Megan Draper dress, looks fierce while solving everyone’s problems.

The first webisode of the series is below, but I highly recommend you check out the rest of them on her YouTube channel. Watching all of them back-to-back is an AWESOME time suck, but if you’re short on minutes today, I’d go with #1: Questionable Feminist, #5: Insecure Writer, #8: Bad Sex, and #9 Unfunny Girlfriend. Dunham doles some surprisingly awesome advice, and they’re all pretty great Here’s a snippet to get you started:

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