Vanessa Bayer gives Leighton Meester sound advice, and the two become the best of friends

Vanessa Bayer gives really rad advice. Just ask Leighton Meester! The two had a heart-to-heart about the actress-turned-singer’s new-ish album Heartstrings on Bayer’s hilarious web series, Sound Advice. In the recurring YouTube series, Janessa (who embodies her alter ego, life coach Janessa Slater) offers celebrities some really, uh, helpful tidbits on how to generally just be awesome. She’s an expert at this because, as she is quick to acknowledge, she’s killing it at life.

After the quick session with Leighton, the two become best friends who are probably going to collaborate on the world’s best album, go to red carpet events, and launch Janessa’s rap career in the process! …Even if Leighton doesn’t know it yet.

Janessa’s knowledge of the “mizzy bizzy” (aka, the music business) and her deep spiritual connection with Leighton’s album gives her all the insight she needs —so she tells Leighton like it is. Janessa suggests dropping a couple of the tracks from the album, just so nobody mistakes it for Barbra Streisand. And that beach song? Yeah, that should be turned into a remix, a remix featuring Janessa (obvs).

Even though Janessa is a tad bit doubtful that Leighton has ever experienced heartbreak, she’s willing to overlook that to make sure their new bestie status is the priority. Don’t be fooled by how friendly they are on Twitter, though. Bayer is still going to charge Leighton (and all her other celebrity clients) for the session — business is business.

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And check out the heartwarming (aka, extremely hilarious) clip below!

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