Leighton Meester might be coming back to TV as a time-traveling heroine

Do you ever feel like you’ve been waiting your whole life for a TV show? That’s how we feel about the news that Leighton Meester is coming back to television following her long post-Gossip Girl hiatus. And not only will she be back on TV, but she’s playing a time-traveling heroine, fighting her way through history.

Does this sound like the best TV show ever or… actually, yeah, this IS going to be the best TV show ever.

Meester is set to play Deborah in Fox’s new comedy, Making History, a show about “three friends who find a way to travel through time in search of truth, justice, and riches.” According to TVLine, Deborah is, “a self-educated and incredibly motivated colonial woman who possesses modern ideals despite being trapped in a regressive time. She has contemporary beliefs of gender and racial equality which everyone scoffs at in 1775.”

There’s a lot going on here, and it only gets BETTER. Meester will star alongside the very funny Adam Pally (who plays one of the modern-day time travelers), and the show comes from the duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. You might know them from The Lego Movie, 21 and 22 Jump Street, The Last Man on Earth, or the forthcoming Han Solo movie. And since clearly these guys aren’t busy enough as it is, time to add another comedy to their roster.

Making History currently has a pilot order from Fox. Hopefully it becomes a real show, because we NEED this show like Blair Waldorf needs to match her headband to her outfit.