If Leighton Meester went back in time, here’s the one thing she would change (and SAME)

Given the opportunity to go back in time, there’s just one thing Leighton Meester would change: her eyebrows. Yup. The former Gossip Girl star and current Making History actress says if she could time travel, she wouldn’t change the course of history — she’d only make some minor brow tweaks.

Speaking with Seth Myers on Late Night, Meester said, “[I’d go back to] anytime in my life that I could change my eyebrows. Like high school: too thin.”

And oh girl, we feel you. Those pencil-thin early-2000s brows have had a lifelong impact on most millennial women — hello, that’s why the brow gel and pencil industry has been blowing up over the last few years — so we’re willing to bet that Meester would have substantial company on her eyebrow-time-travel tour.

Check out Myers’ reaction to Meester’s answer in the clip below, it’s too good.


The question was definitely a propos for Meester, who’s currently starring in Making History, a show that’s all about time travel. The Fox comedy, which premieres March 5th, follows Meester’s Deborah Revere — daughter of Paul Revere, the American revolutionary — as she dates a modern-day man who’s discovered time travel. Their actions in the past are messing up the present, though, and of course hilariousness ensues.

As for the those overplucked brows of yesteryear, there’s not a whole lot you can do to bring them back (sob!). But according to Chicago-based hair loss expert Dr. William Yates, there may be a glimmer of (medical) hope. He told HelloGiggles last year, “Although not indicated for eyebrow growth, Latisse (bimatoprost) for eyelash growth does seem to assist with eyebrow growth.”

That, or we all continue to stock our cabinets with eyebrow-enhancing products — Leighton Meester included.

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