Adding to her already impressive roster, Princess/General Leia *also* has a Ph.D.

We have yet another reason to love Princess/General Leia, and this one’s a biggie. The Star Wars character, who was played by the late and wonderful Carrie Fisher, got her Ph.D.

But unlike many to reach that academic goal, she got her Ph.D. at 19.

You read that right. Princess/General Leia got her Ph.D. at the young age of 19, and suddenly we feel like we need to step up our whole lives.

A tweet from @BeccaEHarrison went viral last week and reminded — or, for many, informed — the world that one of our favorite heroines from a galaxy far, far away is quite the academic. false

“[George] Lucas says on the 2004 commentary to A New Hope that Leia is young, 19, the same age as what Luke was supposed to be,” the image above reads, “but instead of being kind of an idealistic naive farm boy from the far reaches of the Netherlands, she’s like a very sophisticated urbanized ruler, a Senator, so she’s a politician, she’s accomplished, she’s graduated, got her Ph.D. at 19, and she rules people and is in charge.”

Let’s pause for a moment, because there’s so much to unpack.

We love that Leia got her Ph.D. at 19, which makes her already badass and intelligent character even stronger. What’s more, we think a rewatch is in order, because this certainly adds an interesting dynamic. And we always love when we can bring new information to a Star Wars movie binge.

Not to mention, we have questions: Like, what did she get her Ph.D. in, and how did she put it to use? Lucas, we’re waiting on you…

The text continues, “[I needed an actress] who could be young and play with a lot of authority…and push these guys around.” No doubt about it, Fisher played that empowered role perfectly. And knowing that Leia is also a doctor, on top of her many other titles, makes her already iconic role even better.

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