If you’re wondering if Leia dies in “Last Jedi,” we have some good and bad news for you

There is literally no getting around the bantha in the room. Last December, the larger-than-life Carrie Fisher passed away at the age of 60. She was only just beginning what really felt like a second huge break in her career, having returned to the world of Star Wars the year before (she even made a surprising cameo appearance in Rogue One). When she passed, she had already completed all of her work on The Last Jedi, which leaves us all to wonder about the last movie in this trilogy. What happens to Leia and the Star Wars movies now?

Supposedly, some of The Last Jedi was retooled to account for Fisher’s sudden passing, and Episode IX is still in the process of being reworked, sans Fisher. It’s impossible not to think about what will happen to Princess General Leia, and the big question is — ridiculously heartbreaking aside — does Leia die during Last Jedi? Without the use of CGI wizardry, like what was used in Rogue One, there is no way to recreate the actress.


If you’re here to find out what happens to Leia, I’m so sorry to be the one to break it to you that, yes, she dies during Last Jedi. The First Order is breathing down the Resistance’s neck, and a sudden, and deadly, attack is ordered. Leia is standing on the bridge of the ship, and it sure looks like her estranged son, Kylo Ren (née, Ben Solo) is going to be the one to fire the fatal blast. However, he hesitates, and does not fire.

However, one of the other First Order TIE-fighters does, and the bridge is destroyed. In a giant explosion, Leia is sucked out into space. We see her floating there, lifeless.

And then I kid you not, Leia comes back to life.

Our general is literally floating through space. You cannot survive a trip through space without a spacesuit, but somehow Leia does. Her fingers flicker a little bit, and then — once again, I swear I am not making this up — she flies through space. Like, literally flies. Like, is Leia wearing a jet pack or something? Is it under her giant cloak? Since WHEN can you use the Force to fly, and further more use the Force to FLY through SPACE? We’ll figure that out later, but yeah, she flies through space and back to the Resistance ship.

Poe Dameron sees this happen from the ship (he’s unharmed, don’t worry) and goes rushing to let her in through an airlock. Leia’s badly injured and slips into a coma, but she’s alive and stable. She even recovers enough to later shoot Poe (it’s a long story, and don’t worry, he’s fine). Leia is even still alive and well by the end of the movie, once again in a position to lead the Resistance in the fight against the First Order.

What happens next with Leia? We’ll find out in Episode IX — where our General is very much alive and still fighting to restore peace in the galaxy.