Lego does something awesome and reveals their first ever wheelchair piece

Thanks to a pretty catchy song, you know that Legos are pretty awesome. Not only are the toys super cool (and fun for all ages) but over the years the company has done some rad things to make their toys gender-neutral. And now, they’re taking everything a step further by making the little plastic pieces even more inclusive. Lego has just revealed its first ever wheelchair figurine.

Spotted recently at Nuremberg and London toy fairs, the new Lego set, “60134 Fun at the Park,” includes a wide variety of pieces. Along with a hot dog vendor (always important for Fun at the Park), a baby in a stroller, and someone playing soccer, there’s a male piece in a wheelchair. AND, he appears to have a service dog with him.

The new wheelchair piece comes after a campaign, #ToyLikeMe, was started last year by Rebecca Atkinson. She explained to the BBC that the idea behind the campaign was to take “disabilities… out of the hospital and into a more fun setting,” and is thrilled with what Lego has recently unveiled.

“Lego [has] just rocked our brick-built world and made 150 million disabled kids, their mums, dads, pet dogs and hamsters very very happy,” an update on the #ToyLikeMe website reads. “This move by Lego is massive in terms of ending cultural marginalisation, it will speak volumes to children, disabled or otherwise, the world over.”

The set will be available for purchase sometime this summer, and in the meantime you can check out the whole playset here. This is a box of Legos you’re going to want to get your hands on right away.

(Image via Twitter)