Doc Brown came back (to the future) to deep-chat about the new Lego video game

My favorite doctor is Doc Brown, and while I have no idea what he has his doctorate in (flux capacitor-oligy?) he always knows what he’s doing. So when a mysterious glowing box appeared recently on his doorstep, Doc Brown knew just what to do to figure out what was up. Oh, Doc, we’ve missed you.

In a brand spanking new ad, Christopher Lloyd reprises his role from the Back to the Future movies for Lego Dimensions, which is going to become your new favorite Lego video game. Promise. It appears to combine a ton of Lego characters — from Marvel, to DC, to Lord of the Rings, to even Benny the Spaceman from The Lego Movie — in a Lego world. The goal of the game, of course, is for them to save the day.

But, as the ad is quick to point out, before that can ever happen, Doc Brown has gotta assemble the teleporter (generator? Tesseract?) to bring all these characters together in their Lego video game land. Just like Doc Brown doesn’t need roads, he also doesn’t need instructions to assemble the Legos and he does so with ease. He doesn’t exactly know where he’s going yet, and we don’t either, but we are totally ready to join for the ride.

Lego Dimensions will be available September 27th on all your favorite gaming consoles.

Image via here.