Are Lego phone chargers the way of the future?

Google loves innovation. Why have a search bar when you could have a search engine? Why use stupid regular glasses when you could look through crazy smart robot glasses? And why have plan ol’ Google when you could have Google+?

The powerhouse company’s latest project, Google Fi, involves reinventing cell phones and data networks. Like all phone providers that came before it, Google Fi promises better service, cooler devices, and awesome bonuses. At least one thing is for certain: They’re not kidding about the awesome bonuses.

People who’ve signed up for Google Fi early recently received these sweet Lego kits in the mail. The packages came with a note that reads, “Thanks for the support. Let’s build on this.” Oh, Google. You’re such a jokester.

When the Legos are assembled according to the directions, they create a cell phone stand, perfect for Google Fi’s Nexus devices (the 5x, 6, and 6P). The design includes a hole where folks can thread their chargers through, making the stand a great charging station.

While this Google Fi kit is definitely unique — all of the bricks adhere to the brand’s color scheme — it’s possible to make your very own Lego charging station at home. Check out this example on Instructables.

Yup, Lego furniture is the way of the future. Everything is awesome.

(Images via Warner Bros and Giphy.)