LEGO ‘Jurassic World’ is the best of everything Chris Pratt

Still can’t get enough of Jurassic World? Good, because we’ve got the latest Chris Pratt and dinosaur fix right here. Even better, it’s only 90 seconds long so you can relive all the action again and again in less than two minutes. Still even better, this new version is made entire out of LEGOS. It might actually be the best Jurassic World to date.

LEGO and stop-motion mavericks, The Brotherhood Workshop, have condensed the whole story of Jurassic World down into a few quick pivotal scenes — and yes, they’re all in LEGOS. We’ve got a Pratt Lego taming his dinosaurs, a Bryce Dallas Howard Lego telling us that “Teens think dinosaurs are lame, so we’re making hybrids now,” and of course, a surplus of dinosaur LEGOS who start to run amok.

Also, these LEGOS can’t help but refer to Pratt as Star Lord. But then again, us too.

According to the Brotherhood Workshop’s YouTube page, it took them roughly 200 hours to animate this 90 second super cut, and clearly their hard work has paid off. Just like in the movie, LEGO Pratt is able to stave the day, with a little help from his dinosaur friends, of course.

Check out the awesome LEGO supercut below!

(Image via YouTube.)