You can apparently buy an exact LEGO replica of your house

Today we discovered that you can order a custom-made LEGO replica of your home from an artist on Etsy. And we are officially intrigued.

The ingenius idea comes from designer Shari Austrian, who shared her creative process with Apartment Therapy. Austrian said that she bases the models off of photos from both the exterior and interior of a home, and even uses architectural plans if she has access. The overall process takes about eight to 10 weeks, and when she’s done she ships you an exact model replica of your house (including all the interior rooms). Which is SO. FREAKING. COOL.

Austrian said she came up with the idea to open an Etsy shop for LEGO model homes after her twin sons got her into LEGOS and she ended up making a scaled model of their home. The shop opened in early 2017, and it’s been gaining popularity by word-of-mouth-ever since.

Take a look.




And perhaps one of the coolest things about Austrian and her shop? She worked in the healthcare field until about a year ago, but left to explore her creative side. So this is truly a labor of love for her.

If you want to order a scaled mini-home of your very own for yourself or a loved one, you can visit Austrian’s Etsy store, “Little Brick Lane” here. Exterior-only models starts at $1,500, and models that include interiors as well as exteriors start at $2,500. If that seems steep, Austrian notes that each LEGO piece costs about 10 cents, and her models use literally thousands of pieces.

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