The most patriotic Lego moment just happened

It’s officially Fourth of July weekend, and across the country we’re firing up grills and getting our fireworks ready to say, “Happy Birthday” to the U.S. of A. And Lego, although not an American country by origin, found the best possible way to celebrate: With a gigantic American flag.

On Wednesday, visitors to DC’s National Museum of American History were invited to help build a 9 1/2 X 14 foot flag. Over 15,000 people participated in the project, which involved the assembly of more red, white and blue Lego pieces than we’ve ever seen.

After about 11 hours of playing with Legos, this lucky guy got to climb a ladder and put the final piece in place. So satisfying.

The completed project, which weighs in at 546 pounds and involved over 100,000 bricks, was also built as part of the grand opening of the Innovation Wing at the museum … but we all know it’s really because of the 4th.

Check out the time lapse video of the project and prepare for some good ol’ fashioned American feels.

(Images via Lego YouTube and Fat Cat Films YouTube)


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