Ladies and gents: the LEGO Chicken McNugget dispenser

Maybe technology has been disappointing you. Maybe you heard about the upgrades to the new iPhone and thought “Eh, not cool enough.” Maybe you heard about the new sit down McDonald’s restaurants and thought, “Eh, not fast enough.” Well, I am here to quell your disappointment. Behold, an advance in both technology (kind of ) and McDonald’s speed. Friends, we now have a McNugget Dispenser.

Thanks to a handful of LEGO builders at the YouTube Channel, Astonishing Studios, someone can now say that they made a dispenser that gives out an order of chicken nuggets, along with a dipping sauce for your dipping pleasure. The dispenser was created using a LEGO Mindstorms kit, which is a kit specifically made for people to be able to create custom LEGOs.

Slow down though before you get too excited. This isn’t exactly the Easy Bake Oven of the 21st Century. In order to get a container of McNuggets, you need a €2 coin, and the machine will reject coins that do not exactly fit the dimensions of the €2 coin. And the contraption can only hold two containers at a time. Also, the dispenser does not have an internal heating mechanism, as it’s just LEGO contraption.

However, this shouldn’t stop us from hoping and wishing and praying. We could someday have the McNugget Easy Bake Oven of our dreams. Astonishing Studios refers to the McNugget as “the greatest invention since the Lego brick itself.” I don’t disagree with these guys. Props to them for combining the two greatest inventions the United States has ever had to offer. Now, if you can give me a Chicken Nugget Dispenser that cooks the nuggets and dispenses them for free, then you’ll really be my hero.

(Image via Twitter)