This Lego “Beauty and the Beast” retelling is cuter than a chipped cup

Sure, the live action version was absolutely amazing, but this Lego Beauty in the Beast is extremely cute. The folks over at Disney used Lego bricks to tell the magical tale in just two minutes and 34 seconds, and it was pretty amazing. A few peak moments in the story were left out of this version. But, we can’t even begin to imagine how Disney would’ve pulled it off by using the stylized pieces anyway.

If for whatever reason you come across someone who’s unfamiliar with Belle and Beast’s love affair, this digital short would be the perfect introduction. It’s short and sweet, and the creators do a great job summarizing the story without skipping a beat.

But, the best part, you ask? It totally has to be Gaston — the jumbo pink stapler rocking a terrible black toupee. In true Gaston fashion, the pink stapler shows up ready to shake stuff up. There’s no dramatic fight scene to look forward to, however. Instead in this version, he staples the Beast to death — temporarily of course.

Move over, Lego Batman. This Beauty and the Beast tale is definitely giving you a run for your money.

In the end, the power of love breaks the curse of the Beast, as we all know. And the two live happily ever after, except in the cutest of Lego forms.

Our favorite songs weren’t covered in full, but the narrator did a great job at giving us snippets. We have to hand it to Disney. They sure know how to keep us entertained.

What’s next for the multi-media conglomerate? Maybe a merging of other Disney tales in colorful block forms? We can totally see Belle and the Beast teaming up with Ariel to take on Ursula the sea witch in the great blue, now. Oh, the wonders!