LEGO Batman prank called a store but there’s a twist that makes it truly nuts

Comedian Will Arnett might be one of the greatest voice actors alive. But did you know that he’s also a very gifted prank caller? Will Arnett was recently a guest on BBC Radio 1’s The Matt Edmondson Show, where he was assigned a rather complex task: make a prank phone call to the toy store as LEGO Batman, but each sentence must begin with the letters of the alphabet in order.


Making a prank call, or ANY call, is tough enough. Trying to keep the entire alphabet straight in your mind while asking about toys?? That really is a job for Batman.

 As you might expect, the results are hilarious.

Will Arnett — as LEGO Batman — prank calls a toy store in this hilarious clip:

We’ve got to say, he nails it seamlessly with gems such as:

"Are you open today?" "Because I'm looking for some toys." "Can't tell you what it's called...can't remember." And so on.

He only starts to break around K, with a hilarious reference to a different superhero:  “Kryptonite… no, that’s the other guy.” He even manages the harder last letters of the alphabet. “Uranium… was… sorry, my son just handed me this Google…he’s really into science right now.” The improvisation skills are strong with this one! His interview makes us want to rewatch The LEGO Movie all over again (not to mention Arrested Development).

The man went out with a bang: "You’ve been very, very helpful, I’m sure it’s busy. Zoo-like, I bet, right?"

We have to admit, we’re impressed he didn’t mess up! And the toy store employee never realized who they were talking to. (Though we bet she realizes it now…only too late to scream with excitement.) Nonetheless, this hilarious interview makes us even more excited to see the new LEGO Batman film.