This LEGO Batman holiday greeting card is our new favorite holiday treat

We love the holidays. And we really love LEGO Batman. What could be better than the two together? Probably nothing. What we mean is, watch The LEGO Batman Movie holiday greeting card video, and be merry.

We’ll be honest: it might not be as satisfying as The LEGO Batman Movie trailer with “cool dad” Batman. Still, it’s in line with our belief that LEGO Batman is the BEST Batman around.

Sure, it feels like the film’s release is years away – even though we only have to wait a couple more months. Thankfully, little videos like this are helping us power through. In this particular treat, we get some festive holiday goodness courtesy of Batman, Robin, and Alfred.

LEGO Batman, voiced by the hilarious Will Arnett, is clothed in a hilariously low-cut robe. Of course he is. He closes a book, as though he’s just been reading The Night Before Christmas aloud.

In the meantime, Robin bounces around shaking sleigh bells like maracas. Alfred, ever dignified, simply stands in the corner holding giant mugs of cocoa. We hear a photo being taken, because this is the trio’s holiday card. It’s weird, and it’s perfect.

The clip, though short, is definitely making our holiday-loving, nerdy selves super happy. The film also tweeted a gif in honor of National Ugly Sweater day. Robin, in a perfectly nice-looking sweater, bounds in with joy. Apparently, it’s his favorite holiday.

We know we’ll be thinking of LEGO Robin and his “cool” surrogate dad Batman when we don ugly sweaters for holiday parties this season. So, so many ugly sweaters.

After all, every day brings us closer to the release of The LEGO Batman Movie on February 10th. Not that we’re counting or anything.