First, Lego Batman gets his own movie. Now, we learn a music LEGEND will be in it.

Remember Lego Batman in the Lego Movie, who swooped in with his Bat-jet and tried as best he could to save the day? Now he’s coming BACK with his own solo project, there’s a huge name attached to it, too. Will you even be able to handle Mariah Carey as the Mayor of Gotham?

This is so crazy, because this is actually all I wanted for Christmas.

That’s right. One of our all time favorite singers has just joined the Lego Batman movie in a huge way. At first, it was reported that she’d be lending her voice to the movie as Commissioner Gordon, and that was something we were completely behind. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that she’ll instead play the Mayor of Gotham, and we are still completely behind this.

The Lego Batman movie will find our favorite brooding caped crusader, Bruce Wayne (once again voiced by Will Arnett), trying to find happiness in his life. Carey joins the already stellar cast of Michael Cera playing boy wonder Robin, and Rosario Dawson playing Batgirl. Now wth Carey on board, please please let there be a second version of “Everything Is Awesome,” because right now everything is awesome.

Lego Batman is set to open on February 10th, 2017.

Image via Warner Bros.

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