Lego Batman got interviewed by…Lego Colbert!

Following in the footsteps of television legend David Letterman, funnyman Stephen Colbert continues to make The Late Show something you don’t want to miss! From his epic rendition of “America the Beautiful” during his first monologue, to chilling in a pillow fort with former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, Colbert’s impressions and sardonic remarks keep us coming back for more!

And, in true Colbert fashion, he’s putting a new spin on celebrity interviews. LEGO FIGURES, enough said.

Fellow comedian Will Arnett joined Colbert to discuss and promote the upcoming Lego Batman movie. The interview was normal enough at first. They discussed Arnett’s children trip to the recording studio and how they have their own parts as orphans in the upcoming film. We can’t deny that cuteness!

"It was such a thrill. I gotta say," Arnett said of the experience.

And, as Colbert said, “it’s a perfect role for a dad” because Arnett gets to be funny and cool! As if that’s hard for someone like Will Arnett!

To kick up the interview a notch, Colbert brings out Lego figurines and interviews Arnett as Batman. They talk set pranks, like putting tuna in dressing rooms and get a little close and personal.

Sure, the first (and hopefully not the last) installment happened because he was interviewing the upcoming film’s star, but we hope this is one adaptation he doesn’t “Lego” of.

Check out the interview clip below, and we warn you…there’s some kissing.

Lego Batman, in theaters now.