We all want a Lego mansion after seeing Lego Batman’s on “Gotham Cribs”

Thanks to Gotham Cribs, we just got a tour of Lego Batman’s Wayne Manor, and it’s pretty amazing. The overzealous crime-fighter is coming to the big screen in Lego form this month, and thought it’d be sweet to give fans a sneak peek of his mansion.

Complete with a bat cave and swimming pool with dolphins, Wayne Manor is definitely a place to entertain. And with Batman/Bruce Wayne leading as host, we can bet that the crib is the talk amongst Gotham’s elite.

Lego Batman’s fab Gotham mansion is more than our wildest dreams.


This is my bedroom, where I sleep," Lego Bruce Wayne explains. "I never sleep. Because I'm too busy fighting criminals and saving Gotham City 24/7," Lego Batman adds. "But I can see how a room like this would make sense for most people. It's quaint."

The Lego Batman Movie comes to movie theaters February 10th. Arrested Development’s Will Arnett stars as Batman and brings a hilarious twist to the fictional hero. Not only is Batman / Bruce Wayne totally full of himself, he’s not a team player.

If the Gotham Cribs clip is any indication to what we can expect from the flick, we know it’s going to be awesome.