9 legitimately romantic Valentine’s Day weddings

Is there a more romantic day of the year to get married than Valentine’s Day? Probably not. It’s a day for hearts and flowers and I-love-yous and chocolates. For a lot of couples, it’s also the perfect day to tie the knot.

TBH we can totally see why. Valentine’s Day get its name from a martyred Catholic priest who was beheaded for performing secret wedding ceremonies in violation of an edict by the Roman government forbidding the marriage of young people. St. Valentine was a pretty romantic guy. He’s known as the patron saint of lovers, so we’re thinking he would approve of these swoon-worthy romantic Valentine’s Day weddings:

1. Empire State Building Valentine Wedding

Last year, Instagram user @janzinwonderland (Janet) and her husband exchanged vows on the most romantic day of the year atop the Empire State Building in New York City. As anyone who has seen An Affair to Remember or Sleepless in Seattle knows the 86th floor observatory deck overlooking Manhattan is one of the most romantic spots in the world. We’re swooning.

2. Ice Skating Bride

Also knocking it out of the park in the romance department: This British groom and his Canadian bride who tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in Banff National Park. Breanna, the graceful bride, wore ice skates! And look at her beautiful knit gloves! This is like something out of a movie. I can’t with this photo. I just can’t. 

3. Valentine Scandinavian Bride

Annika and her husband got married on Valentine’s Day last year in a Scandinavian-themed wedding in the woods, complete with a vintage classic Volvo…

  …and wellies with tiny red hearts.

(And our IKEA-loving hearts are officially shattered.)

4. Snowy Valentine Bride and Groom

Meanwhile, this couple got married on a snowy Valentine’s Day and straight up looked like something out of a Disney movie. #fairytalegoals

5. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter’s Valentine Wedding

Benedict Cumberbatch’s presence alone would have made this wedding magical. But it also took place on Valentine’s Day 2015, and the bride wore one of the most stunning dresses we’ve ever seen (Valentino, because obviously).

Oh, and did we mention that Tom Hiddleston was in attendance? And he looked like this:

That really happened, guys. It was a year ago, and we still haven’t recovered.  

6. Love was in the air

Instagram user Nikki Curcio also got married on Valentine’s Day last year, surrounded by her uber chic family and friends. And DOZENS of  shiny, heart-shaped balloons. 

Again, that looks almost too gorgeous to be real. And guys, look at her precious flower girls. THE CUTENESS!

7. Pink Valentine Wedding

An entire Valentine’s Day wedding party dressed in candy-pink hijabs? All of the yes.

8. Andy and Amber went to White Castle (and got married)

This completely adorable couple won a radio station’s contest for an all expense-paid Valentine’s Day wedding at White Castle (which is a yearly tradition for the fast food chain). I know. It sounds a little crazy, but hey it’s still a castle (technically). And wait until you see the video. This wedding was FUN, guys. Like a romcom, only IRL.

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