The sneaky marketing secret in this ‘Legend’ poster is highly brilliant

The only thing better than one Tom Hardy is two Tom Hardys. In his brand new movie Legend, he plays twins. But sadly, he was not cloned for the part. There’s still only one Hardy out there in the world, but thanks to some cinematic magic, two different Toms star in the movie as the Kray twins, gangsters (and night club owners) who terrorized London in the ’60s.

So far, the film has been getting pretty positive reviews ahead of its London release (today) and its U.S. release (in October). Then again, of course it’s getting positive reviews, it’s full of two Tom Hardys! Its brand new poster proudly displays its four and five-star reviews, but there’s something sneaky hidden in there hidden among the Hardys. Can you spot it?

It’s OK if you can’t. Doubtful many have attributed Legend‘s reviews to memory. But whoever is in charge of marketing for this film cleverly snuck in a bad review for the movie, but you’ve gotta do a double take to notice it. In between all those four and five stars, there’s a two-star review from The Guardian. And it’s proudly displayed as two-stars right between the ears of the Hardys.

This ad campaign is something Don Draper would do. He’s taken a negative and spun it into a positive. The Guardian’s review, done by Benjamin Lee, sums up the movie by stating that, “It’s two thugs for the price of one actor and while flashes of brilliance emerge from his performance(s), Hardy is let down by disappointingly pedestrian surroundings.” That shouldn’t be on a poster. OH BUT IT IS. Even Lee Tweeted out his admiration for Legend‘s clever strategy.

Now it looks like The Guardian has given the film a higher rating, and that the missing stars are just obstructed by the heads of Hardy One and Two. Not the case at all. It really only received one star for each Hardy in the movie. Amazing, or SUPER AMAZING strategy? We were already planning on checking out Legend, but now it’s just jumped to our “MUST SEE” list. Well done, Hardys.

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