Watching ‘Legally Blonde’ is the ultimate college prep

When you move into your university halls with entirely pink luggage, and a certain hair color, people are pretty quick to make judgments. So obviously, I was keen to prove these judgments wrong, and what better example to follow than that of Elle Woods? I know what you’re thinking: Is a fictional character the best person to base your life choices around?  Honestly, probably not, but Elle Woods is a total queen, and there are some really great messages in that film! If you’re having some trouble because you just moved to college, watch Legally Blonde. It’s the ultimate college feel-good movie.

Just because things don’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean your life is over!

Elle was expecting the man she thought was the love of her life to propose to her, and when he dumped her instead, she thought her life was over — but only for a few days. Elle manages to turn it around, and although her first motivation to go to Harvard was to get back with Warner, she soon realizes he isn’t good for her anyway, and starts to focus on creating a different future for herself.

Whether it’s not getting into that dream college, or just not getting into the accommodation that you’d hoped for, you can turn it around. Make the most of the situation you’re in, because if you let yourself enjoy it, it’s probably nowhere near as bad as you might have thought. There’s no point in mourning the could-haves and the might-haves; take whatever situation you’re in, and make it work.

College might not be turning out exactly the way you thought, but if you embrace the reality of it, you can start to enjoy it more. I’ll admit, I do not encourage going to a college specifically to get a boy back, but once Elle realizes there’s no point in that, she proves that she is just as capable as everyone else there!

Take some me time when you need it.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But we all forget to do it. When you’re sad, stressed out, or just feel like you need it, take time for yourself. You might be going through a difficult time, or just be feeling a little run down. When Elle gets dumped by Warner, she spends some time in bed watching movies and eating lots of chocolate. Don’t spend too long doing this, but when you need it, take the time to heal yourself. Let yourself be sad when you need to be!

This becomes especially important when you’re living on your own for the first time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the lectures, society socials, and nights out — it can be pretty hectic! Take a breather when you need one; it’s no big deal if you skip one night out. College can be a tough place, so make sure you look after yourself, and don’t be embarrassed if sometimes you just need to stay in and pamper yourself.

Don’t be afraid to do things your own way!

Elle never does things in way everyone expects. No one expects her to go to law school — even her parents discourage her! College is a big step, and at first you might struggle with the work load or just general everyday life away form home. Be inventive; there’s no need to follow the crowd. Find what works for you, and go for it.

Elle comes up with ways to achieve what she wants, and perhaps doesn’t use traditional methods of achieving her goals. Her admissions video works like a charm, and just shows that you don’t always have to follow the crowd. I’m not recommending making a video of yourself being a total queen and hope it gets you into Ivy League schools, because it seems a bit risky, but the message is still important.

You’re going to have to work hard!

Getting a degree is never going to be easy. If you’re going away to college, expect to work hard. No one can just sail through and get amazing grades — it’s stressful! As soon as Elle realizes she’s not going to get Warner back, she decides to make the most of being at Harvard, and get the grades. Cue a montage of Elle carrying enormous stacks of books and reading whilst looking stressed. There’s no way around it: This is probably what a lot of your time at college will look like! But that’s what college is for — plus when you’re taking a break from all that hard work, there are plenty of social events to keep you entertained.

We all need some Girl Power!

I’m not a huge fan of the bend and snap method (it’s not very 2015), but I am a huge fan of Elle encouraging other girls to be confident. She helps Paulette stand up to her horrible ex, get her dog back, and act on her crush on the UPS man! Her friends from home are also super supportive, and come and watch her own the murder case, despite the fact that neither of them really knowing what’s going on. She even keeps Brooke’s secret when everyone is pestering her to tell them for the court case. And I’ll admit it, Elle gets a little vicious with Vivian at the party, but in the end Vivian sees that Warner is actually not that great, and she and Elle become besties!

I am totally about girls teaming up, instead of being at one another’s throats. If you’ve just moved to college, you’re going to need a close circle of friends that will support you! Make an effort to reach out to others, because you’re probably all feeling the same.

College is difficult, and it’s a huge life change. Don’t worry if you struggle at first — it will get easier. You might have all these expectations and ideas of what your college experience should be, but if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, don’t sweat it! Make the most of it, because college can be the best time of your life. Elle completely owns it, and although things get pretty turbulent at times, she ends up getting amazing grades and has an amazing time at Harvard. So, in times of difficulty, ask yourself, ‘what would Elle Woods do?’.

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