This kid came up with an origin story for LeFou and Gaston’s friendship, and it’s just fantastic

Every character needs an origin story and now thanks to some kids, we can imagine how LeFou and Gaston first met. It might not be the real story, but it is super cute.

After the debut of the live-action Beauty and the Beast, we haven’t been able to stop singing “Be Our Guest.” We’re pretty sure you’ve been singing it too, so no judgment.

That being said, two of the most interesting characters in the Disney classic are Gaston and LeFou. We are especially fans of Luke Evans and Josh Gad’s portrayal of the characters.


Now, however, these two lovable — and sometimes annoying — characters have been reimagined in a short video. This video was created by children and shows the story of how these two BFFs met.

According to Kidscreen, there are three kid-created short films that have debuted on Disney’s social channels. They were all inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Each story was made possible by Disney’s new partnership with Tongal and Young Storytellers (an LA-based non-profit).

After the stories were created and picked from students by the Young Storytellers, Tongal helped make them into live-action shorts. Pretty cool, right?

The three videos are Beauty and the Curse, Pug in a Cup and LeFouston. Beauty and the Curse is about the origin of the Enchantress and her curse on the Beast. Pug in a Cup is actually a puppet-based short about Chip and Gumbo the Pug.

Our current favorite is LeFouston, which is a claymation short about LeFou and Gaston, duh!

It was written by Robert Nelson, who is only 12-years-old, and directed by Kevin Ulrich. Throughout the short you see how LeFou and Gaston met (or how they could’ve met).

Spoiler alert: it has to do with committing crimes (or in LeFou’s case, stealing pie). The best part is there is singing — yay!

You can check out all of the shorts on YouTube. Tell us which is your favorite in the comments!