Lebowski from “The Big Lebowski” (aka, David Huddleston) passed away at age 85

Today, we have sad news: actor David Huddleston has passed away at 85. Known for major roles in The Big Lebowski and Santa Claus: The Movie, Huddleston died of advanced heart and kidney disease.


Born in September 17, 1930, the late Huddleston was a known character actor. His acting career was a notable one, and he was recognized for a guest role in The Wonder Years (where Huddleston played Grandpa Arnold) with a nomination for an Emmy in 1990. Huddleston also served over 10 years on the Screen Actors Guild’s national board. Prior to becoming an actor, Huddleston was a mechanic for the U.S. Air Force.

His wife, Sarah Koeppe, mourns her beloved husband.

“He’d always make you laugh,” Koeppe told the Sante Fe New Mexican.


Looking back on his life, Koeppe said, he was nostalgic and happy with how much he’d accomplished in his 85 years.

“[He was] so amazed as he looked back at what happened in his life.”

Rest in peace, David Huddleston. We send our love.