Learning to budget the hard way

Whether it’s Sunday brunch or a weekly get together, I have to mind my budget. Livin’ single in 2015 comes at a greater cost than the $1.50 burger in the 1970’s. After food, drinks, and sides that no longer come with the meal, I’ve spent upwards to $30 on food just for me, and that’s just lunch! Because I work from home I am always eager to meet my friends for coffee, that turns into lunch, that turns into early evening drinks, that turns into dancing, that turns into “how did it become 3am?” Yet with the thrills of working from home comes making sure I stay on budget. It’s hard to say no when you love being in the company of your friends, but let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson about “pending balances” come a Monday morning. To a better budget, amirite?  

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