Learning Times with Mary Beth: How To Dougie

Sure, some people may say learning how to do a simple dance move anyone can do isn’t an essential skill to have as an adult. Those people, however, have never seen me flail about the dance floor at a friend’s wedding like the saddest girl at the Fly Girl auditions. Knowing one or two simple dance steps will take you from viral videos of shame to smooth operator.

In this episode of Learning Times, we are at One and One in Manhattan’s East Village where comedian, writer and non-professional dance instructor Josh Gondelman shows me how to rein in my dancing awfulness and be the Dougie-licious gal I knew I could be.

Please note: I am not faking ANY of this.  I really didn’t know what the Dougie was and this is how I move(d). Honestly, I am just that ‘graceful’.

Follow Josh on twitter, @joshgondelman, as well as his awesome co-created account, @SeinfeldToday.

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