We learned Taylor Swift is a bridesmaid again thanks to this tiny Instagram clue

Taylor Swift made us tear up when she delivered a killer maid of honor speech at her BFF Britany Maack’s wedding late last year, and it appears that she might be at it again very soon. As you may know, one of her other childhood best friends, Abigail Anderson, is getting married. We assumed Taylor would be in the wedding party, but a recent post on Abigail’s Instagram story might just confirm it! Aww! We’re sure she’ll be an incredible bridesmaid once again!

Abigail posted the following on Instagram.


It looks like Abigail is showing off her bridesmaids swag, and the one item she decided to post clearly says “Taylor.”

Taylor and Abigail met in grade school. Abigail even gets a shout out on Taylor’s song, “Fifteen.” Taylor sings, “You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail, and soon enough you’re best friends.” Cute.

And now? They’re still just as close. Taylor has taken Abigail as her date to the Grammys and even surprised her with a secret birthday concert featuring Abigail’s fave, Dashboard Confessional singer, Chris Carrabba. She’s also a staple at Taylor’s parties.


We are sure Taylor will go above and beyond to make Abigail’s special day even more unforgettable. Abigail gushed about her engagement on Instagram last year:

“Tonight I answered the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. Without any doubt and without fear — I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives”.

She also shared this super cute photo:


And what did Taylor do? Throw her a celebratory party with Ed Sheeran and the Haim sisters:


We can’t IMAGINE what Taylor has up her sleeve for the wedding. But we can assume it will be epic.

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