We learned Kourtney Kardashian’s super cheap beauty secret she’s had since the 8th grade

If you’ve ever wondered how the Kardashians keep their skin looking so flawless despite daily makeup application and heavy travel, we can finally lend a hand. Today we learned one of Kourtney Kardashian’s beauty secrets and friends — it’s a goodie.

Speaking to Refinery29, the 37-year-old mom and entrepreneur revealed that she keeps her under-eye area looking soft and smooth with one simple trick:

"I have always used oil under my eyes and on my eyelids; I love the Manuka oils and I use that still. But Kim and I started doing that in, like, eighth grade. We used to put oil on instead of eye cream. I feel like the consistency is much lighter, and it doesn’t clog under your eyes, where I feel like a cream does, at least on me. That and...we’re just very conscious of taking care of our skin."

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Kardashian also said that her diet plays a big part in keeping her skin looking healthy and clear. She’s eliminated dairy entirely — “I feel like I have way less breakouts,” she says — and she swears by the daily smoothie introduced to her by her Brazilian baby nurse.

“Every morning, pretty much, I have an avocado shake,” she explains.

"The recipe is on my app, but it’s avocado, Manuka honey, and almond milk or coconut milk. I used to do whole milk, but I don’t do dairy anymore. And I just feel like the avocado and the honey are so great for my skin and hair, and it keeps me full until lunchtime."

Sounds a lot like the avocado-honey-water smoothie Brazilian model Adriana Lima swears by! And if these two are eating it — and looking this good — we’ll happily swap out our usual breakfast choices for this simple smoothie. Thanks, Kourt!