Everything I need to know, I learned from Kimmy Gibbler

This week brought the insanely amazing news that a Full House reboot is officially coming to Netflix. Fuller House will premiere sometime in 2016, which officially makes 2016 the best television year of my life since 1995 (the last time Full House was on air). Though I have written about Full House plenty of times before, now is the perfect time to celebrate my favorite show and one of my very favorite characters. That’s right, the one, the only, Kimmy Gibber. Let’s go. Here’s why EINTKILF from the one, the only Kimberly Louise Gibbler.

1. How to be a best friend. 
Obviously the reason that Gibbler is even a thing on Full House is because she is DJ’s best friend, and also the Tanner’s neighbor. Kimmy is portrayed as 100% annoying —  but even with all of her smelly-feet-airing, open-door-policy-ing she is an incredible best friend to DJ. Not only does she know Deej’s family as if they were her own, she stands by DJ’s side through everything. Boys, starting high school, friend drama, sister fights — I mean everything. We should all be so lucky as to have a Gibbler in our lives.

2. How to put on lipstick. 
[Hint: don’t leave it on your teeth.]

3. Embrace your quirks.
Kimmy is certainly one of the most, well, interesting characters on Full House and probably in the entire TGIF line-up. Not only does she dress crazy-loud and have wild hair, but her personality is bigger than life. And she totally embraces it. She weathers the Tanners’ constant haranguing, the dismissal from dudes, her seemingly strange relationship with her parents, and absolutely none of that stops Kimmy from being Kimmy.

4. Don’t let anyone bring you down.
Speaking of the aforementioned haranguing, the Tanners are so awful to Kimmy. I mean, sure, they let her into their home whenever she wants to be there, and they feed her and stuff, but they are also just really mean to her all the time. You know what Kimmy does? Brushes it off her shoulders and insults everyone right back. She has a very sisterly rapport with Steph (and Michelle, but mostly Steph), she has a major, very unrequited crush on Uncle Jesse, and she deals with Danny better than most of his actual family. Kimmy’s head is always held high.

5. It’s alright to fight.
Kimmy and DJ fight as often as best friends do in real life,  something that makes their friendship pretty realistic. From serious subjects (drunk driving, see below) to casual banter(pimples), the two best friends overcome anything that happens between them. How else would the two maintain a friendship from age 10 to 17(ish) and then reunite for a revival on Netflix?! Also, they are best friends in real life, so I mean, that has to count for something.

6. How to get a man. 
Kimmy has no problem with the boys —I mean, kinda. I always preach: be yourself, which is the most attractive thing to whomever you hope to attract. Kimmy Gibbler? The epitome of my sermon.

7. Be confident. 
One of the best things about Kimmy is her resilience. Not only can she put up with anyone or anything, she has absolutely no problem being herself at all times. Whether it is starting high school, dating, babysitting, or simply staying overnight at the Tanner house, Kimmy is herself, 100% of the time. Though DJ’s insecurities were a really beneficial part of my childhood (because who doesn’t have them), Kimmy’s confidence was just as important. Sure, she had her moments, but for the most part, Kimmy was herself, and that was enough.

8. Don’t drive drunk.
If “passing out at the gym” is the most well-known DJ move, “getting drunk and trying to drive home” is Kimmy’s. By the time this happens in the series, DJ and Kimmy have been best friends for a long time, but it is their most significant fight. When Kimmy gets drunk to try to impress a bunch of idiot high schoolers, she and Deej get into a huge fight because her bestie won’t let her drive home. (Rightfully so, obviously.) The episode gets extremely emotional when DJ tells her that the reason Kimmy’s drunk behavior is so important to her is because her mother died because of a drunk driver. Cue the sad music and Jess Tholmer’s actual tears. Don’t drink and drive, kids and adults.

9. Dress to impress. 
Kimmy dressed like a boss.

10. Keep in touch with your family. 
Though Gibbler was not a Tanner, she always basically was. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that she will be right by DJ’s side with all of their kids for Fuller House. Can you even imagine how much fun that will be for Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron-Bure?! Keeping in touch with your family / your coworkers / people who mean anything to you absolutely ensures your future will be full of love. And, you know, a light will be waiting to carry you home.

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