The New Thing We Learned About ‘Gilmore Girls’

By now, you might have heard a few stories regarding ex-executive editor Jill Abramson and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. In short, Sulzberger fired Abramson, who was the paper’s first female top editor in history.

Here’s something that my fellow Gilmore Girls fans might appreciate – The Huntzberger Family (famous for telling Rory she “didn’t have what it takes” for print media) was based pretty loosely on the infamous Sulzberger household. In an interview with Vulture, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t hesitate to confirm the fact that Rory’s most wealthy ex boyfriend was fictionally a Sulzberger.

“It wasn’t even veiled — the word ‘berger’ is in there. We weren’t trying to be clever. We just figured that was the kind of family [Logan] would be part of,” she said. I can picture it now – Jill Abramson sitting as a guest at the Huntzberger family dinner, while Arthur subtly tells her she’s just not good enough. But she’s an Abramson!

Granted, our girl Amy has never actually met a Sulzberger, so a lot of the personal qualities that she illustrated are purely fictional. While creating the characters, she aimed to focus on “a family of newspaper royalty in that vein. And a little, you know, a lot of them were bon vivants in addition to being in the business.”

And hey – since Amy Sherman-Palladino is still open to discussing the hugely popular show, maybe her next interviewer might ask her about those “last four words” she was planning on ending the series with. While she told Vulture two years ago that the fans would be disappointed based on the build-up, I think it’d be intriguing no matter what!

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