Learn eight new feminist curse words in this super important lingo lesson

Regardless of how wide-ranging our vocabulary may be, it’s undeniably satisfying to let loose one (or five) curses when the situation calls for it. Amanda Montell, host of the language-focused web series The Dirty Word, loves curse words just as much as the rest of us. The punch! The emphasis! The shock value! It’s no wonder cursing feels so cathartic.

But, as Montell points out in the latest episode of The Dirty Word, certain curse words have a sexist history and can bring up negative emotions for certain people.

"They can be fundamentally problematic... but I still like them," she says.

Same, girl. So, how can we curse to our hearts’ content without being disrespectful? Montell has got us covered — she invented eight new curse words that pack a punch and carry zero semantic baggage.


Even if you have your favorite swear words and you’re committed to sticking to them, it’s still definitely worth listening to Montell rattle off eight newly-invented curses.

Don’t worry — she teaches us how to use them in a sentence.

For example, one might say, “I really didn’t want to get into this ‘fathersplucking pitchcluck!’” or “You think I’m a cutch? You’re a cutch!”


To learn some creative new curse words, watch Montell’s full lingo lesson above. In our humble opinion, these eight curses are the perfect addition to anyone’s lexicon.