Cute alert: Leah Still challenged Riley Curry to a Nae Nae dance-off

Leah Still, daughter of the NFL’s Devon Still, may have taken home her dad’s ESPY recently, but she’s got her eye on another title: Whip and Nae Nae Champion.

It all started last week, when Riley Curry’s mom posted her daughter’s on-point dancing to Instagram—and the video soon went viral.  Leah, who is bravely battling cancer, appreciated Riley’s moves too. So with the help of her dad, Leah posted what might be the cutest call-out we’ve ever seen.

“Riley, I saw your video,” Leah says in the video. “You think you can whip better than me? I challenge you to do the whip.”

Leah is currently receiving treatment for stage 4 neuroblastoma, but she hasn’t let cancer stop her from mastering the art of the Nae Nae. In fact, her brave battle has sparked the hashtag #LeahStrong and the book, I am Leah Strong, which she wrote with her dad to educate people on the experience of having pediatric cancer. This proposed dance-off is just the latest way Leah’s staying remarkably strong.

No word yet on whether Riley will take Leah up on the challenge, but we are really hoping we get to see these two awesome little ladies have a solid dance-off where everyone wins.

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Riley Curry doing the Nae Nae will make your Monday