Lea Michele’s tribute to Cory Monteith on the two-year anniversary of his death is absolutely beautiful

It’s been two years since the world lost Cory Monteith, but it’s clear that he will never, ever be forgotten. Four months ago, Glee ended the series by giving him a wonderful tribute: naming the high school’s auditorium after his character, Finn Hudson. Filming the episode was an incredibly emotional experience for all involved. “It was waterworks,” Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester, told People. “There are some takes I’m sure they [couldn’t] use because we were all weeping. It was hard to get through.”

Though many people will hold Cory’s memory near and dear, Lea Michele, Cory’s girlfriend both on screen and off, is one of the people who has been grappling with deep pain most of all. Since he tragically died, Lea has been keeping his memory alive, staying open about her grieving process by posting beautiful tributes online celebrating Cory’s life.

Back in May, on Cory’s birthday, she posted a picture of him playing the drums. “I know you’re serenading everyone right now,” she captioned the picture. “We love you Cory!” When Glee wrapped up, she took home Finn’s jersey—a prop for the show, but also a symbol of the beautiful times they’ve had together.

Now, on the two-year anniversary of Cory’s passing, Lea has posted another tribute on Twitter: a picture of Corey driving, grinning as the sun shines through the car window. “Today we remember the laughter and joy you brought into our lives every day,” she tweeted. “We think of you always and love you so.”

She also posted the same picture to Instagram, writing, “I know you would want us all laughing and smiling today. . . So we think of you and remember all the laughter and joy we shared together. I hold you in my heart always and love and miss you so. . .”

To remember a loved one’s happiest moments—a sun-drenched drive, a big laugh, a wonderful day—on the anniversary of their death is unbelievably hard, because it’s so easy to be reminded of the pain you experienced on that day years ago. But Lea is beautifully remembering her love’s best days and using this as an opportunity to celebrate Cory’s life. We are totally in awe of Lea’s strength, and our hearts are with those who are suffering on this solemn day.

[Images via Twitter and Instagram]

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