This random photo of baby Lea Michele and Paul Dano from 20 years ago is so crazy…adorable

When you think of iconic celeb BFF’s, you probably think of pairings like Oprah and Gayle, Courtney and Jennifer, or maybe even Kate and Leo? And it makes sense, these star-studded power duos usually had some kind of major project in common like a TV show or movie (or several).


But have you ever thought of Lea Michele and Paul Dano as BFF’s? Or even, having ever been connected in anyway possible before?


No. Because, why would you? As far as we know, they’ve never worked together on any film or TV projects. So, imagine our surprise when we saw…

This insanely random, but pretty freakin’ awesome photo of tiny Lea Michele and Paul Dano.


The ONLY thing we know about this photo is that it was taken for The Toronto Star in 1996 and that it exists. Perhaps it was some kind of young Broadway celebration?

Dano made his Broadway debut when he was 12 in a production of Inherit The Wind, back in 1996. Meanwhile, Michele had already been acting and singing on Broadway in popular musicals like Les Misérables from about 1994 onwards. So, it’s completely feasible they crossed paths AT SOME POINT, seeing as they were both young stars on the rise.

Either way, it’s amazing to see how far these two stars have come in 20 years!

And perhaps, if we’re super-duper lucky, there’ll be a Lea/Paul reunion in the future…

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