Lea Michele casually nails a song from “Hamilton” in her latest Insta video

While we already knew she had a solid set of pipes, we never knew if Lea Michele could sing show tunes. Turns out, she definitely can. The singer used her Instagram account to sing a song from Hamilton, and we’re more than impressed.

Michele recently went on a beach vacation, and while she was there, she was tagged for the #Ham4All competition by her best friend Jonathan Groff. The campaign, started by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is being used to help raise funds for immigrants.

The challenge is pretty simple — and super fun for Hamilton fans. Those tagged need to either sing or rap their favorite section of a Hamilton song.

For Michele, that song was “Dear Theodosia.”

Manuel was definitely a fan of her vocals.

Michele decided to tag Ashley Tisdale and Zach Braff, so fingers crossed that they both decide to partake in the challenge.

The #Ham4All campaign just started up on Monday, and is slowly gaining steam. Miranda, who partnered up with Prizeo, decided to start up the hashtag for Immigration Heritage Month. Fans who donate $10 to the fund have a chance to win two VIP tickets to Hamilton’s much-anticipated Los Angeles opening.

As for Michele, she’s handling the fact that her show Scream Queens was canceled after two seasons. But, that doesn’t mean she’d never work with creator Ryan Murphy.

"I love my Scream Queens, and I obviously love Ryan Murphy. So I will come back whenever he will have me," she said to Entertainment Tonight.

Her second studio album, Places, was released this past April — so, regardless, the talented actress is definitely keeping busy. Maybe her next album will be comprised of Broadway covers. One can hope.

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