Lea Michele Calls Her C-Section Scar the “Greatest Reminder” in Bikini Snap

It's a powerful message for mamas everywhere.

Lea Michele is reflecting on her pregnancy journey as she gears up to celebrate her baby boy’s first birthday. Since welcoming her son, Ever Leo, the former Glee star has continued to open up about becoming a first-time mom, albeit her journey to motherhood has been anything but easy. In recent months, she’s talked more about embracing her postpartum body, including her caesarean scar. Over the weekend, Michele celebrated her badge of honor in a bikini selfie describing it as “the greatest reminder in the whole world”—though you actually *can’t* see the scar in the picture.

The actress shared the photo to her Instagram Story with the caption, “C-section scar so low you can’t even see it. Although I don’t mind at all because it’s the greatest reminder in the whole world! I can’t believe it’s August and my baby’s going to be 1 soon!”

Lea Michele Instagram Story

Back in late March, Michele went on fellow new mommy Katherine Schwarzenegger’s IG Live series BDA Baby, where they discussed the stigmas expecting moms face surrounding pregnancy and giving birth. In the episode, Michele explained she had a tough time accepting that she wouldn’t be able to have a vaginal birth after learning her son was breech.

“I really wanted to have a vaginal birth,” she told Schwarzenegger. “To me, I felt like, for whatever reason, I felt like that really means that I’m a mom…I felt that if I could have the experience of having a vaginal birth that I could show my strength.”

While at the time she was discouraged, Michele explained she now understands that strength doesn’t have to look one particular way.

“The strength that we have as women, whether or not you feel like it’s there, it’s really, it’s there,” she said. “I didn’t know it existed within me. And my little baby was such a fighter, he really was a fighter. And I remember the minute I held him, the first thing I said to him was, ‘You did so good. You did it. You did so good.'”

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