LCD Soundsystem just released their first new track in 5 years

As it turns out, one of the year’s best holiday presents didn’t even need to be wrapped: LCD Soundsystem just released their first new song in five years, and it’s the best gift we could have possibly hoped for.

On Thursday, LCD frontman James Murphy posted a mini-essay to Twitter, saying that he’s had a holiday tune buzzing around his head for the past eight years. Every time he’d remember that he actually wanted to record it, however, it was already too late to get everyone together and release the track in time for Christmas. Of course, the task became extra difficult after the band officially broke up in 2011 — but lucky for us, the stars aligned this year and they were able to pull it off.

If cheery Christmas music isn’t your jam, this song is for you: “Christmas Will Break Your Heart” is the perfect antithesis to the holiday songs they play on loop at the supermarket. Murphy’s heartbreaking vocals play perfectly with laid back instrumentals, which culminate in a gorgeous arrangement featuring sleigh bells and violins. The song was well worth the wait, and features just about everything we love about the band. We’ll be blasting this one for years to come.

Have a listen for yourself below — and here’s hoping it’s a sign that the band has plans to reunite soon.

(Image via LCD Soundsystem.)

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