The extremely lazy person’s guide to Halloween costumes

It’s mid-October which means that if you haven’t already planned and purchased your Halloween costume(s) you’re almost late to the game. Looks like it’ll be another year of faking sick and eating that candy all by yourself while the watching Double, Double, Toil & Trouble for the thousandth time. Whether you wanna get out there and make the Halloween party circuit, roam the streets ringing strangers’ doorbells, or just be the most awesome neighbor on the block handing out candy dressed like a pro…we got your back! Your closet is on your side! You don’t need to be Queen of Pinterest to get it done, either. Plus, all that work for one day? Check out some easy, cheap, and easy (did we mention easy?) costume ideas to make sure you don’t skip out on another Halloween.


I have yet to actually see anyone dress up in the most classic Halloween costume ever: The Sheet Ghost. It’s not like you use those top sheets anyway. . .


1 Bed Sheet (Any Size)

1 Pair of Scissors


Cut two holes out for your eyes (and a hole for your mouth if you plan on eating that candy on the road) and you’re done! Enhance the look with some dark face paint behind the cut out areas to make it look like a real ghost.


Pro: It’s like a regular ghost but more clever and sweet. It’s not as lazy as the above ghost.

Con: It will require an extra two steps


Everything above, plus

Black felt

Fabric glue


Do everything you would do for a normal ghost. Then cut out some black felt ovals and glue them onto this costume.


Any excuse to wear sweatpants and a hoodie on Halloween should be taken. Wild Style has a super comfy and easy look that just needs colorful duct tape! Plus, it’s one half of a great couples costume!


1 Black jacket or sweatshirt

1 Black pair of pants

1 Roll of pink duct tape

1 Roll of blue duct tape

Optional: Pink & Blue hair clip-ins


Liberally apply the pink and blue tape to the left side of the black top (right if you’re applying while you’re wearing it) creating the “WS” design that goes up and down the body and arm. Of course, just putting it wherever you want works just as well. If you found wide tape, rip or cut it in half to ensure the width of the design isn’t too large. Large pieces of tape folded over to remove any sticky areas can also be bobby-pinned into your hair for her dyed sections. Throw your ‘do into a high side ponytail and you’re done. *BONUS: For a couples, have your lady or gent grab a construction vest at a local Army Navy and throw it over a blue shirt to be Emmet! Everything is awesome!


You know you kept that old high school track t-shirt around for a reason! Halloween is the perfect time to unpack those old sport Ts, jerseys, and jackets, and become the ultimate trick or treating athlete.


Graphic T, Jacket, or Jersey displaying a team name, team logo, or number

Track pants, Sweats, or Shorts


Optional: Dirty hat, dirty shirt, and dirt for your athlete face

With a self-explanatory top, you can go from “Girl in a jersey” to “Icebox” in mere seconds. Sports equipment also gets you extra points for the night. Add some sunglasses and a whistle to upgrade to coach! If you don’t have any sports gear, but have some “practice” gear aka a few layered shirts and a backwards hat, dirty them up to prove that you’ve been putting in hours on the field and that’ll work just fine.



Books, tons of books

1 Pair of Glasses


This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Grab your books and specs and your full coverage outfit and head on out. Plus, all night you can tell everyone to “Shh!” as a part of your costume and quote endless authors of your choosing. Grab those late fees!


It may seem like it happened a million years ago by now, but no one has forgotten about the epic selfie that Ellen took at the Oscars this past March.


1 Large Print of the Epic Selfie Photo

1 Large Piece of Cardboard

1 Pair of Scissor

1 Thick Elastic Band


Paste a large print of the above photo to a large piece of cardboard and cut around Ellen’s head. Cut a wide elastic band (or elastic headband) in half and staple each side to the backside of the board on either side of the hole, so you can wear the board like a mask. Then put your pretty mug right where Ellen should be. And don’t forget to smile.


We’ve read the book, seen the movie, and now it’s time to take Amy Elliott & Nick Dunne to the streets.


1 Friend

1 Missing Person Poster with your face on it


Don’t show up anywhere on Halloween, don’t tell anyone you’re not showing up anywhere on Halloween, wait for others to blame it on your friend. Costume is enhanced (as is your no-show) if they carry around a poster exclaiming that you’re not around. This is a great costume if you have a partner who wants to go to a party you’re not into. Note: This costume is not advised if you like your friends.


I’m not even sure what this fine lady is doing with her arm here, but chances are you’ve got a pink shirt lying around and that’s all that matters.


1 Pink Long Sleeve Shirt

1 Happy/Surprised Face


Put that pink top on, honey, because that’s all there is to do! Get your hand up in a “Where’d my tray go!?” kinda way perfect for holding your candy choice of the minute. Check out other HG approved emoji outfits here!


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