Lazy Girl’s Guide to Simple Summer Hair

It’s hot. I think it’s safe to say that the summer oven is preheated and in full swing. The blow dryer probably seems like your worst enemy these days. More heat added to these already steamy days seems more miserable than a Slurpee brain freeze. Plus who really has the time to spend drying their hair anyway? We all want to spend more time at the beach or around the pool with friends and less hours primping in front of the mirror.

Put the blow dryer away ladies – Here are 5 easy hairstyles to try this summer that do not require any more heat than that from the sun!

The Summer Knot

We were all about that Kardashian Top Knot last fall but we need something a little less sleek and sophisticated for summer. Move the knot back off the top of your head to the crown and loose the sleekness to get a chic, relaxed yet tousled summer bun. This style is perfect for a day at the beach and a night out after playing in the waves. The salt from the ocean will help create the perfect texture this messy knot needs to survive.


The Boho Beach Waves

The most enjoyable way to get an easy summer style- spend all day at the beach. Get in the ocean and swim around and let that salty water soak into your strands. Whether you have a natural curl/wave or if your hair is pin straight, you will get texture from the salt water. A day at the beach naturally creates the most gorgeous, messy waves in any hair texture. If you’re not planning to spend all day in the ocean or you want to enhance your beach curls even more try a salt spray like Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray. Spray and scrunch the salt spray into your hair from mid length to ends and let it air dry!


The Tail of a Fish

This braid is definitely my all time favorite braid out there. The fishtail – what better for a day at the beach with the scaly ones? This braid will take a few times to practice if you haven’t mastered it already but the good news is the messier the cuter in my opinion! If you’re feeling really creative find some flowers or shells along the shores and stick them into the braid to get this beach bum chic look!


The Hide and Accessorize

Another quick and easy way to pull yourself together in the morning is to hide and accessorize your hair. If you have a big floppy beach hat, or a fedora or even a hand made scarf headband use them! Throw a fedora on over yesterdays beach waves you can easily and quickly look pulled together. Hats are also a useful accessory in the summer to hide your face from the damaging effects of the UV rays!

The Overnight Curls

Finally the simplest of all summer hairstyles. Before bed part your hair into three equal sections from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. You can do this style wet or dry. Take each section and twist it as tight as you can and clip the section on top of your head to keep it tight! Catch some beauty rest zZzZzz and when you wake take down the clips. What you get is the most beautiful beachy waves with little to no effort! What is better than waking up with hair that is ready to go?


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Do you have any simple summer hairstyles? If so let me know in the comments below! Also share your summer hair essentials with me!

xo JW

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