10 Laziest Email Replies That Prove You’ve Already Checked Out for the Weekend

Because you're ready for happy hour.

You’ve worked hard all week and been stretched thin, the weekend is looming and you’ve got happy hour on the brain. But there’s one problem—your inbox is chaotic. You know you’ve got to get through a few dozen more emails in your inbox before you can officially log off for the weekend.

So you set out to go through as many emails as your fingers can handle, but you’re not really going to put in much effort because it’s freaking Friday and you’re mentally mush. Here are 10 of the laziest email replies that prove you’ve already checked out for the weekend. But hey—at least you’re responding!

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“Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m looking into it and will get back to you with an answer.”

Are you really looking into it? Probably not, but you can next week.

“Let’s circle back on that next week.”

Straight up letting anyone know that there will be no movement on this until the weekend is over.

“Thank you! Have a great weekend!”

It’s simple, it’s short. It’s a response.

“No worries, I won’t need XYZ until Monday.”

Because if you’re being honest, you’re so far from worried about anything but getting to your post-work plans.



It doesn’t say much, but it’s a solid effort and at least you are acknowledging the email.

“Thanks for putting on my radar.”

An easy way to say I saw it and it’s in my inbox, I’ll handle it soon.

“That’s on my to-do list for Monday!”

You’re done with today—that’s a Monday problem.

“Is there a day next week that works to discuss this further?”

Again, let’s stop talking about this now and deal with it after I’ve had a few martinis this weekend.

“Awesome, thanks for the update!”

This can be said to any kind of word dump of information.


“Will get back to you as soon as I can!”

But that won’t be until I’ve vented about this day with my besties over takeout on my couch.

And if all else fails, just use the pre-suggested responses that pop up on your Gmail or Outlook app. If you’ve got them turned off, we suggest turning them back on for peak lazy email responses.

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