7 Halloween costumes for lazy couples who are a hot mess but still want to do something

You and your boo are great together. Almost too good since you bring out each other’s True Self, which is of course, being lazy AF. But with Halloween on its way, you two really have to get it together. Luckily, not all costumes have to be complicated. There are tons of Halloween costumes for the laziest couples out there. You just have to get creative and maybe give yourself a full 24 hours ahead of time to make sure you have everything in place.

The lazy couple’s costume can be the best costume at the party.

Who doesn’t love a good reference to TV’s favorite couples or hilarious homemade shirts? No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, here are some great ideas for lazy duos on Halloween.

1Ted & Tracy from How I Met Your Mother

This will play well with any sitcom loving crowd. The Tracy part takes the most work — you need a trench coat and a yellow umbrella. But Ted’s just a basic dude, so go with your best T-shirt and jeans look (red boots if you want to make die-hard fans laugh) and head out. You’re the most romantic costume ever.

2Marvin & Harry from Home Alone

Put together your baggiest jackets and black beanies to complete your Home Alone robbers costumes. You can tar and feather yourself or carry a fake crowbar to complete the look.

3Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

If you’re going to be a couple, why not be the most power hungry, glam couple there is? Blair can wear a dress or her Constance uniform, as long as she as an obnoxiously large headband on. Chuck just needs to be dapper and wearing a bow tie.

4Peanut Butter & Jelly

Are you really this lazy? Yes, yes you are. You can DIY shirts that say “peanut butter” on one and “jelly” on the other. You can also choose other things that just *go* together. “Macaroni and cheese,” “salt and pepper,” really, whatever you love.

5Stranger Things house and character

Making the Stranger Things Alphabet Wall T-shirt takes a littler effort, but all you need is some Sharpies and plain white T-shirt. The other person can dress up as whatever Stranger Things kid you choose.

6Van Gogh & “Starry Night”


You’re going to have to get some face paint and materials to fake an ear injury, but you’ll be happy you did once it’s complete. The Van Gogh costume will come together with a blazer and a floppy hat. If you can’t do body paint, a white T-shirt with the image on it totally counts.

7Lab rat & scientist


Putting together a rat or mouse costume is so easy it hurts. Get some ears, wear sweats, make whiskers with your eyeliner— it’s classic and simple. Throw a cheap lab coat and some dorky glasses on your better half.