This extremely lazy cat attempting to play with a ball is #weekendgoals

The next time a judgmental human gives you crap about being a sloth, promptly dismiss them with a wave of the hand and find comfort in this video of a lazy cat attempting to play with a ball.

ICYDK, felines are all about self-care, so if your idea of recharging is spending a bunch of your free time living in the lap of luxurious, care-free laziness like the aforementioned animal, then chances are you’re a cat in human form.

After spotting this chill-ass cat, we immediately fell in love with her.

She’s clearly too laid-back to play or work out (SAME), so she just lies on one side lazily swatting at the very underutilized exercise track near her.

To be fair, at least this cat seems to be somewhat engaged in the activity. For the most part, she maintains eye contact with the ball, and even manages to put in a few stretches to reach out and touch it. Also, she gets bonus points for pushing the ball in the opposite direction. Laziness is incredibly difficult to overcome.

According to the cat’s human, she’s, uh, not the most industrious cat you’ll ever meet. She kind of just prefers to lie around and hang out in the hopes that her looks will earn her a ticket to fame.

“Can we all appreciate my lazy cat,” her human wrote on a Tumblr post that included the hilariously accurate tag, “idk what else to put just notice her plumpness she wants to be famous.”

Done and done!