The laziest types of sex positions you should try when you’re le tired

Sex can be as sweaty and intense as a Crossfit workout when you’re fully-rested and feeling energetic enough to change sex positions every few minutes like they’re HIIT intervals. Then there is the other side of the sex spectrum, when you are tired AF (but still horny) and are craving comfort banging – the type of sex where you can keep your sweatshirt and socks on. We’re all guilty of being lazy in the bedroom sometimes. Luckily, for these occasions when you can only muster the energy of a baby cat, the following sex positions are satisfying while still requiring minimal physical exertion.

1Face to face.


Missionary gets a bad rap for being basic, but that’s like calling a delicious grilled cheese sandwich boring. They’re both classics that make you nostalgic for simpler times, and while you probably wouldn’t want an all-grilled cheese diet (or an all-missionary sex life), on occasion, they can really hit the spot. Plus, missionary allows you to make out with your partner (or get a really good look at their nose hair).

2Modified doggy-style.


Any from-behind sex position usually requires less effort for both parties involved, but you can modify doggy-style to be extra chill by having the receiving partner lay completely flat instead of kneeling on all fours, and then have the other person also lay down on top of them. This position leaves everyone’s hands totally free to roam all over, and the body-to-body contact makes it a tighter fit.



Spooning is known for being a preferred way of cuddling in bed, but who knew it was also one of the greatest types of sex for getting off while not interrupting your Sunday night viewing of Game of Thrones? Lying in the same direction as your partner allows for penetration from behind or some fingering action, all while watching Daenerys Targaryen get fiery revenge.

4Right angle.


If you remember your grade school math, lines that intersect, forming right angles, are called perpendicular lines. One of you will lie down on the edge of a bed, couch, or other surface. The other partner will stand between your legs, holding them at a 90 degree angle, if you’d like (or need a stretch). Not only will the standing partner have a great view, but it allows for deep penetration in a not too difficult position to hold.

5Sexy straddle.


Perfect for locations where there’s no bed in available, the straddle position requires one partner to wrap their legs around the other person who’s sitting upright. Unlike intense Kama Sutra positions that require you to bend and contort your body in ways it normally doesn’t contort, the straddle position is pretty comfy, as both partners have their weight supported by a chair or other (sturdy!) object that can be sat on.

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