Lawsuit Threats Might Keep Britney Spears From Telling Real Story in Memoir

Jamie Spears’ legal team is "ready to take action if there be anything that merits untruths or libel."

Britney Spears may be officially free from her conservatorship of 13 years, but the legendary pop singer continues to face challenges from the family members who used to control her life. The Sun revealed that legal issues are plaguing her much-anticipated memoir and that the star may have to water down details of her own life in the book, thanks to lawsuit threats from her own father, Jamie Spears.

“Britney will not get to print and say what she wants,” a source, who claims to be close to Jamie, revealed to The Sun. “The legal team at the publisher knows Jamie is unhappy about what is coming and has charged his lawyers to take steps to prevent untruths being told.”

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Jamie has been the subject of many Instagram posts penned by his Grammy award-winning daughter – and never in a good light. As the head appointee of her conservatorship, Britney has accused him of exploiting her talent and money for his own financial gain, subjecting her to cruel work conditions in order to do so.

“On tour I can’t remember how many women were on the bus with my dad 🙄🙄🙄,” she posted on Instagram back in March 2023. “Either way, I would say they got a great deal wasting 15 years of my life!!!”

Britney has been learning to adjust back to real life since November 2021, and fans have been looking forward to her $15-million memoir deal ever since. While the completion of the memoir was announced earlier this April, If Jamie has his way however, her words could be significantly rewritten or removed so as to avoid libel issues.

According to sources, Jamie’s legal team is “ready to take action” and that “he is not simply going to take this all because his daughter said it. He is willing to fight to present his truth even if that means filing lawsuits.”

The memoir is allegedly going through a legal review, which could change Britney’s narrative completely. The memoir was reportedly ghost-written by celebrity writer Sam Lanksky (who also ghost-wrote for big names like Madonna and Nicki Minaj), and will be published by Simon & Schuster.

The source added that Jamie’s legal team is aware of how free speech legislation could complicate any cases he tries to bring up, but that the famous father “feels he has a right to question Britney’s state of mind during the conservatorship.”

If publishers anticipate there may be legal woes down the road as a result of the star-studded recollections, they could potentially edit the overall story to comply. According to The Sun, it’s now up to “concerned publishing executives” to decide how authentic the story of Britney Spears will be.

The autobiography’s release was pushed back from early January 2023, and is now expected to hit shelves at the end of the year.

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